What to expect

What to expect

Clarifi in six steps

Ordering and receiving a Clarifi test is simple.
Here are the steps.

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Pre-order Clarifi for the office

Clarifi must be ordered by a health care provider through our website.


Start a conversation

Determine that Clarifi is the right next step for your child. Do they meet the eligibility requirements?


Get tested

Clarifi must be administered by a health care provider and takes less than a minute.


Saliva sample is shipped to lab

The health care provider ships the test to our CLIA certified lab for analysis.


Register and pay

Parent registers the test online, completes questionnaires, and provides payment.


Get results

Test results are available to the health care provider in 3 to 6 weeks. Schedule a follow-up appointment to review the report and discuss next steps.

Here’s what to expect during the Clarifi test appointment!

Ensuring confidence in your
results and your privacy

Knowing that the Clarifi test results are accurate, science based and privacy protected is important to you and it’s important to us. That is why we have taken steps to ensure those needs are met including:

Security and protection

HIPAA compliant

CLIA certified lab

CAP accredited

Patient data stored in secure cloud (AWS)

Peer reviewed research

Clarifi test, privacy, protected results, Clarifi does not share results

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