Our science

Our science

The revolutionary
science behind Clarifi ASD

Non-coding and microbial RNAs found in saliva are highly accurate biomarkers for autism.

The revolutionary science behind Clarifi

Non-coding and microbial RNAs found in saliva are highly accurate biomarkers for autism.

Our research papers

Clarifi ASD is supported by peer reviewed research. Read our published papers below.

Validation Paper

Salivary miRNA

Comparative review

Oral microbiome

Diurnal oscillations

Saliva microRNA

Parent perspectives

Epigenetics – the science behind
the Clarifi ASD diagnostic tool

Clarifi ASD represents a new biological tool to aid in the diagnosis of autism, based on epigenetics and the microbiome.

Specifically, Clarifi ASD measures the activity of genes by measuring specific RNAs and microbes in the saliva to provide a probability of an autism diagnosis.

Using state of the art next-generation sequencing, researchers at SUNY Upstate Medical University, Penn State College of Medicine and Quadrant Biosciences identified 32 features that comprise the Clarifi ASD panel.

A biological discovery
in autism spectrum disorder

This is not a genetic test?

While your genetic code, your DNA, does not change, the way those genes are expressed (turned “on” or “off”) can be altered by internal biological processes and environmental influences.

This is called epigenetics.

Why do we look at saliva?

Saliva contains a high concentration of RNAs, providing a non-invasive way to assess the biology underlying brain function.

Saliva is also easy and painless to collect. It is preferred by families, and is stable at room temperature.

Why focus on non-coding RNAs?

Every gene that encodes a protein comes under the influence of non-coding RNAs, such as microRNAs. These non-coding RNA molecules direct whether a gene makes a protein, and how much of it is made.

These RNAs are involved in a wide range of biological processes in the body, making them a robust source of biomarkers for autism.

Pioneering the field of epigenetic diagnostics

We are among the pioneers of this new approach to epigenetic diagnostics.  In fact, an epigenetic saliva test like Clarifi ASD has only been possible in recent years as a result of the rapidly evolving science in this area.

For example, it was only in the past 10-15 years that scientists began to understand the biological significance of microRNAs in the body. Also, the large scale data management needed to identify, categorize, and analyze microRNA and the microbiome has just recently become available.  Finally, we had the good fortune of partnering with researchers on the cutting edge of this new science.


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